The Great Atlanta Bicycle Expedition

Atlanta biking - Boomfish Wealth Group LLCThe Great Atlanta Bicycle Expedition is a fantastic way to rediscover the sights and sounds of our great city. During an exciting bicycle ride with family, friends, and neighbors, you can enjoy the unparalleled history of Atlanta.

This fun, family-friendly expedition includes not only a police-escorted bicycle ride but also lunch at Elliot Street Deli & Pub, a variety of beverages, and a street party featuring live music. The Great Atlanta Bicycle Expedition starts and ends at Elliot Deli & Pub, near downtown Atlanta, on April 20.

You can choose from 7, 17, and 35 mile routes winding around the city. Registration for the expedition begins at 7 a.m., with start times staggered from 9 a.m.

Registration for The Great Atlanta Bicycle Expedition costs between $20 and $45. The cost covers the ticket, map and route, rest stops with snacks, lunch at Elliot Deli & Pub, and admission to the street party. With each registered adult, one child under 16 is admitted free. Note that helmets are mandatory. Proceeds from the ride will go toward offering free bike classes in neighborhoods promoting safety throughout the city.

Find out more about this event and other events coming up in Atlanta by visiting the Downtown Atlanta website.

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