What's got your attention?

“Look out!” many will say if you’re going to step out in front of an on coming car.

Shouldn’t we also use the same warning when someone listens to:

“Fear.” “Danger ahead.” “Destruction.” “Bad outlook.” “Things don’t look good.”

Isn’t this the media message today? My friend Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine and author of the highly energizing book The Compound Effect, wrote an article for CNN titled, “Is Wolf Blitzer Hurting America?” And sure enough, they wouldn’t publish it.

My conclusion is they wouldn’t publish it because it is truth and because what Wolf Blitzer and much of the media touts is lies.

See more of Darren Hardy’s unpublished CNN article here.

Whatever gets your attention gets you. And what has my attention is the huge opportunities today. Everyone around me in my inner circle is doing amazing work and getting results.

What has my attention is helping others solve real problems and seize real opportunities.

I’ve never been more excited about my work to help successful leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and woman with wealth create bigger futures than they know today. And to help them ensure they have No Regrets with their wealth. There are huge opportunities out there, and the people we help are those who want to seize those opportunities.

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