How big is your wealth vision?

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘if you want to know what it is like to be in water don’t ask a fish.’  You created wealth because of your big vision for your business and life.  And chances are someone other than yourself helped you see the possibilities.  Many say it started with a mom or dad that believed in them.  Others speak of a teacher who recognizes their giftedness.  Many have referred to coaches and mentors throughout their life that have helped them direct their energy in a highly beneficial way.

Once the wealth has been created who helps you see all that is possible?  I’ve noticed that most people with wealth have a much smaller vision for their wealth after they’ve achieved monetary success. For some reason the vigor, determination, vision, and third party coaching that was present when created wealth is minimized or completely disregarded when envision a future with wealth.

To make a shift is not a what question. It is not what tax-minimization tools do you need to use, or what estate planning strategies of the 101 available should be utilized.  Most of the time people jump to the what questions because like all of us, they want to believe there is a secret sauce or never before heard of solution out there that will change everything.

Like it is with wanting to know what it is like to be in water the question is not a what question.  It is really a who question.  Who can best show me and help me understand what it is like to be in water.  And the fish is not the answer to the who question.

When it comes to personal wealth it is a who question.  Critically important is who can help you catch a vision for you life and wealth that is bigger than the one you have today?  This is fundamentally the secret sauce for effectively living with personal wealth.

Who is this person for you?  Is this person a specialist in your situation and future?  Is the person a specialist in showing you a bigger vision than the one you know today?

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