Unentangled Wealthy Families…(what?)

The wealthy experience the thrill of all the money brings – vacations, experiences, fine cars, beautiful homes (or two+), and all the thrills money offers.  The issues of wealth typically get addressed by attorneys and money managers that focus predominately on finances.

Where only 3 out of 100 families success make their wealth last there needs to be a different approach that addresses more than the money. A recent article in the USA Today points to emotional issues that are never addressed in planning and overlooked in family development.

This leads to a sense of entitlement.  Also a priority of money compensating for lack of quality time together.  And lastly, kids learn to hide that they have money.  All this leads to divisions within the family particularly between parent and child.

Certainly money complicates family situations.  However, when addressed with a comprehensive picture of what really matters within the family all is never lost.  Relationships are not forever lost and money can be used to productive means.

It takes a new approach…one that leads to Wealth with No Regrets.

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