Who’s been stupider longer? (hopefully others)

In the last two weeks I’ve had two big ideas that could have a significant growth impact on my business and ultimately create even more value for the families we serve.  Both would be a significant investment of resources – money, time and energy.

Before I move forward with an idea I talk with, “coaches who’ve been stupider longer” than me. This idea was one of the Eleven Best nuggets from our last event with Bob Jordan, author of How They Did It, held in New York.Barry H. Spencer Boomfish Wealth Group Alpharetta, GA

I discovered how the one idea really isn’t a good fit and won’t get the results I hoped to achieve.  This one 15-minute call saved me lots of money and years of my life.  The other idea is a good fit with big potential impact. The former can steal a million dollars and the latter is a million dollar idea.

Although I’ve always valued coaching and wise counsel, the Eleven Best nugget reminded me to get insights fast from those who’ve “been stupider longer than me.”

One nugget, like this one from an event with successful individuals like Bob Jordan, can really be worth millions financially and give energy to your years.


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