How Rich? (Paper & Pencil)

I was inspired when I met and heard country music star and serial entrepreneur John Rich.

He grew up in a trailer home with his parents who worked hard and treated their living arrangements with care and respect. But he really didn’t know what to do with his life, but decided he use what he did have: a sheet of paper, pencil and his guitar.

He started writing songs, over 500 in fact before he pursued getting them in production. Then he started taking his ideas to successful people asking them for their advice.

Songs started to catch on and a big key was the hook. Some of his biggest hits demonstrate this well:
“Save a horse, ride a cowboy” and “Coming to your city.”

The world is saying, ‘you’ll never make it.’ But what you’ve got to do is put yourself out there saying what you’ll do and they take steps in that direction.

This country needs entrepreneurs who will put themselves out there and go for it. Launch, fail and launch.

Some will be rich, like John who is so proud of having a pool on the roof of his house in Nashville, Tennessee.

But everyone if you go for it will make a contribution and a difference. And the more people who succeed in doing this the stronger this country becomes.

You may be rich, but most importantly, be rich in good deeds!

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